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Download Production Techniques books of various titles, written by many authors and published by a number of publications for free in PDF format.

Fundamentals of Modern Manufacturing Materials, Process and Systems

Book Title : Fundamentals of Modern Manufacturing Materials, Process and Systems Author(s)  : Mikell P. Groover Publisher  : John wiley & sons Edition      : Fourth Pages       : 1028 Size          : 30.4 Mb Book Description: In this Fundamentals of Modern Manufacturing Materials, Process and Systems by Mikell P. Groover eBook, Groover not only… Read More »

Precision Manufacturing by David Dorenfeld, Dae Eun-Lee

Book Title : Precision Manufacturing Author(s)  : David Dorenfeld, Dae Eun-Lee Publisher : Springer Edition    : First Pages     : 785 PDF size : 15.5 MB Book Description: Drawing upon years of practical experience and using numerous examples and illustrative applications, David Dornfeld Dae-Eun Lee cover precision manufacturing as it applies to: The importance of measurement and metrology… Read More »

Welding Metallurgy by Sindo Kou

Book Title : Welding Metallurgy Author(s)  : Sindo Kou Publisher   : Wiley Edition      : Second Pages       : 468 PDF Size  : 9.8 Mb Book Description: Welding Metallurgy by Sindo Kou book presents the fundamental aspects of fusion welding for students and serves as a handy reference for practising engineers and research workers involved with the welding… Read More »

Metal Machining: Theory and Applications by Thomas Childs, Katsuhiro Maekawa

Book Title : Metal Machining: Theory and Applications Author(s)  : Thomas Childs, Katsuhiro Maekawa, , Toshiyuki Obikawa, Yasuo Yamane Publisher   : Elsevier Publishing Company Edition      : First Edition (2010) Pages       : 416 PDF Size   : 2.8 Mb Book Description: Metal machining is the most widespread metal-shaping process in the mechanical manufacturing industry. Worldwide investment in metal machining… Read More »

Welding Secrets by Hal Wilson

Book Title : Welding Secrets Author(s)  : Hal Wilson Publisher   : Flyco Machine Company Edition      : Second Pages        : 63 PDF Size    : 16 Mb Book Description: Welding secrets book by Hal Wilson is a welding guide for the self taught welder, as well as the more experienced welder to learn more on welding… Read More »

Advanced Machining Processes by Hassan Abdel-Gaward El-Hofy

Book Title : Advanced Machining Processes – Nontraditional and Hybrid Machining Processes Author(s)  : Hassan Abdel-Gaward El-Hofy Publisher   : McGraw-Hill Edition      : First Pages        : 286 Size          : 4 Mb   Book Description: Advanced Machining Processes: Nontraditional and Hybrid Machining Processes by Hassan Abdel-Gaward El-Hofy book is a good reference for both nontraditional and hybrid… Read More »