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Download Heat transfer books of various titles, written by many authors and published by a number of publications for free in PDF format.

Computational Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer by John C.Tannehill

Book Title : Computational Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer Author(s)  : John C. Tannehill, Dale A. Anderson, Richard H. Pletcher Publisher   : Taylor and Francis Edition      : Second Pages        : 803 PDF Size  : 35 Mb   Book Description: Computational Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer by the authors John C.Tannehill, Dale A. Anderson, Richard H.… Read More »

Heat Convection by Latif M. Jiji

Book Title : Heat Convection Author(s)  : Latif M. Jiji Publisher   : Springer Edition      : First Pages        : 444 PDF Size  : 4.3 Mb Book Description: Author’s extensive understanding of how readers think and learn, what they are finding difficult topics to understand and which topics need to be stressed is integrated in… Read More »

Heat Transfer Handbook by Adrian Bejan, Joseph

Book Title : Heat Transfer Handbook Author(s)  : Adrian Bejan, Joseph H Publisher   : John Wiley Edition      : First Pages         : 1481 Size            : 20 Mb Book Description: The Heat Transfer Handbook by the authors Adrian Bejan, Joseph H book provides succinct hard data, formulas and specifications for the critical aspects of heat transfer,… Read More »

Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer by C.P. Kothandaraman

Book Title : Fundamentals of heat and mass transfer Author(s)  : C.P. Kothandaraman Publisher : New Age International Publishers Edition   : third Pages      : 729 PDF Size : 12 Mb Book Description: Salient features : In Fundamentals of heat and mass transfer by C.P. Kothandaraman book large number of Complex problems along with the solutions are provided Objective type questions… Read More »

Heat Transfer Calculations by Myer Kutz

Book Title : Heat Transfer Calculations Author(s)  : Myer Kutz Publisher   : McGraw Hill Pages       : 727 Size          : 9.5Mb Book Description: Heat Transfer Calculations by Myer Kutz e-book with easy procedures, calculations, enhancement techniques, formulas and rules of thumb. This convenient book gives you the tools to solve a broad section… Read More »

Heat Transfer by J.P Holman

Book Title : Heat Transfer Author(s) : J.P Holman Publisher   : McGraw Hill Edition      : Tenth Pages       : 758 Size          : 18.6 Mb Book Description: As one of the most popular heat transfer texts, Jack Holman’s Heat Transfer is noted for its clarity, accessible approach, and inclusion of many examples and problem… Read More »