Basics of MATLAB and Beyond by Andrew Knight

Book Title : Basics of MATLAB and Beyond Author(s)  : Andrew Knight Publisher   : CHAPMAN & HALL/CRC Pages       : 205 PDF Size  : 3.3 Mb Book Description: MATLAB software package is the tremendously popular computation, numerical analysis, signal processing, data analysis, and graphical package allows virtually every scientist and engineer to make better and faster progress. As MATLAB’s… Read More »

Combustion Book by Irvin Gassman and Richard A. Yetter

Book Title : Combustion Author(s)  : Irvin Gassman and Richard A. Yetter Publisher   : Elsevier Edition      : Fourth Pages        : 794 PDF Size  : 4.5Mb Book Description: Combustion Engineering, a topic generally taught at the upper undergraduate and graduate level in most of the universities for mechanical engineering, automobile engineering disciplines, combustion is the study… Read More »

Modern Engineering Thermodynamics by Robert T. Balmer

Book Title : Modern Engineering Thermodynamics Author(s)  : Robert T. Balmer Publisher   : Elsevier Edition      : First Pages       : 827 Size          : 8 Mb Book Description: Modern Engineering Thermodynamics by Robert T. Balmer books is designed for use in a standard two-semester engineering thermodynamics course sequence. The first half of the… Read More »

Fluid Mechanics by Pijush K.Kundu, Ira M Cohen

Book Title : Fluid Mechanics Author(s)  : Pijush K.Kundu, Ira M Cohen Publisher   : Elisevier Edition      : Fourth Pages       : 901 PDF Size    : 8.5 Mb Book Description: Fluid mechanics, the study of how fluids behave and interact under various forces and in various applied situations whether in the liquid or gaseous… Read More »