Welding Secrets by Hal Wilson

Download Welding Secrets by Hal Wilson

Book Title : Welding Secrets
Author(s)  : Hal Wilson
Publisher   : Flyco Machine Company
Edition      : Second
Pages        : 63
PDF Size    : 16 Mb

Book Description:
Welding secrets book by Hal Wilson is a welding guide for the self taught welder, as well as the more experienced welder to learn more on welding topics. This book includes some tips that will help you do a better, safer job in places that should be welded.

Table of Contents:

  • How to remove a bad bearing race or cup from a hole.
  • How to build up a worn shaft
  • How to burn a nut off of a bolt and save the threads on the bolt
  • How to expand a nut.
  • How to shrink a nut.
  • Camouflage.
  • How to remove a broken-off bolt
  • Case hardening.
  • How to square a frame by welding or peening
  • How to make a warped steel frame lie flat
  • How to weld a screen wire to a steel frame
  • How to make a smooth cut with a cutting torch
  • How to do overhead welding
  • How to weld thick to thin
  • How to make a smooth bead
  • Vertical weld
  • How to flux lead
  • Bulge
  • How to burn a weld and save both pieces
  • Big John
  • Notch effect
  • How to remove a broken off tap
  • Built in stresses
  • Crystals
  • How to burn through a large steel shaft
  • My first commercial weld
  • Cast iron welded with nickel electrodes
  • Straighten 6 inch Strip
  • Clevis on channel iron
  • How to temper a chisel
  • How to make a circle lie flat
  • How to remove a stuck sleeve from a hole
  • How to shrink a steel pulley
  • Reinforce inside of tubing or pipe
  • How to repair a crack in a piece of tubing
  • Weld inserted pipe
  • Another method for welding pipe
  • Build up inside of tubing
  • Another method for welding pipe
  • Build up inside of tubing
  • Test welds
  • Flying coaster
  • Roller coaster
  • Cracked center
  • Peening test
  • Cross brace
  • Test welds on low carbon steel
  • “Direction of Travel” and “back-stepping”
  • Why a weld bead shrinks more where it stops than it does where it starts
  • Confined expansion
  • The exception to the rule
  • Magnaflux testing for cracks
  • Water tank
  • Back stepping
  • Broken trailer frame
  • Air lifts
  • Subjects of non-welding
  • Cover a padded bar with upholstery
  • Hooks or eyes on spring
  • Make a coil spring
  • Cooling fin
  • Shaft will break at shoulder
  • How to temper small parts
  • Rod ends
  • Find diameter of numbered machine screws
  • Which way to turn a turnbuckle
  • Dish in wheel
  • Blowing grip on bar
  • How to find a trap drill size without a chart
  • Finding half of a mixed common fraction
  • Simple hardness tester
  • Fusibility: The ease of melting
  • Heat of fusion of metals
  • Thermal conductivity of metals
  • Thermal expansion
  • Typical ferrous materials
  • Uses for steel by carbon content
  • AWS electrode classification system
  • Temper colors
  • Melting points of some elements


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