Turbomachinery Performance Analysis by R.I Lewis

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Book Title :  Turbomachinery Performance Analysis
Author(s)  :  R.I Lewis
Publisher   :  Elsevier Science & Technology Books
Edition     :  Pub. Date:May 1996
Pages       :  335
PDF size   :  15.5 MB

Book Description:
This modern overview to turbomachinery performance analysis places aero and fluid-dynamic treatments, such as cascade and dimensional flow analyses, within the broader context of turbo machine performance analysis. For the first time dusted propellers are treated formally within the general family of turbo machines. It also presents a new approach to the use of dimensional analysis which links the overall requirements, such as flow and head, through velocity triangles to blade element loading and related fluid dynamics within a unifying framework linking all aspects of performance analysis for a wide range of turbo machine types. Computer methods are introduced in the main text and a key chapter on axial turbine performance analysis is complemented by the inclusion of 3 major computer programs on an accompanying disc. These enable the user to generate and modify design data through a graphic interface to assess visually the impact on predicted performance and are designed as a Computer Aided Learning Suite for student project work at the professional designer level.

Table of Contents:
1. Basic equations and dimensional analysis
2. Two-dimensional cascades
3. Principles of performance analysis for axial turbines
4. Performance analysis for axial compressors and fans
5. Simplified meridional flow analysis for axial turbomachines
6. Vorticity production in turbomachines and its influence upon meridional flows
7. Mixed-flow and radial turbomachines
8. Ducted propellers and fans
9. Selected supporting fluid dynamic analysis
Appendix I: ‘FIPSI’: A computer program for selection and performance analysis of axial turbine stages
Appendix II: ‘CASCADE’: A computer program for design and analysis of turbomachine cascades
Appendix III: ‘STACK’: a computer program for geometrical design and analysis of turbomachine cascade blades
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