Refrigeration and Air Conditioning by J. W. Jones, W. F. Stoecker


Book Title : Refrigeration and Air Condition
Author(s)  : J. W. Jones, W. F. Stoecker
Publisher   : McGraw-Hill
Edition      : Second
Pages       : 440
PDF Size    : 27 Mb

Book Description:
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning book by J. W. Jones, W. F. Stoecker text for any level course on refrigeration and air conditioning. This book is an equipment-oriented textbook that applies theoretical results of engineering theories to refrigeration and air conditioning engineering problems. This book enables the student to understand both common and uncommon problems in designing,selecting and applying air conditioning and refrigeration components and systems. While all the material in the book can be understood and executed without computers, alternate computer solutions are shown for system simulation. SI units are used throughout the book.


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