Precision Manufacturing by David Dorenfeld, Dae Eun-Lee

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Book Title : Precision Manufacturing
Author(s)  : David Dorenfeld, Dae Eun-Lee
Publisher : Springer
Edition    : First
Pages     : 785
PDF size : 15.5 MB

Book Description:
Drawing upon years of practical experience and using numerous examples and illustrative applications, David Dornfeld Dae-Eun Lee cover precision manufacturing as it applies to:

  • The importance of measurement and metrology in the context of Precision manufacturing. The role of sensors in accurate manufacturing and how they can reduce uncertainty in systems introduced by interfaces between machine elements, process elements and materials, etc.
  • Adherence to precise manufacturing techniques during the production process prevents waste, increases interchangeability among similar parts, lowers the manufacturing cost and increases quality.
  • This eBook will be of interest to design engineers, quality engineers and manufacturing engineers, academics and those who may or may not have previous experience.


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