Power Plant Technology by M.M. EI-Wakil

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Book Title : Power Plant Technology
Author(s)  : M.M. EI-Wakil
Publisher  : McGraw Hill
Edition    : First
Pages     : 878
PDF size   : 24 MB

Book Description:
Power Plant Technology by M.M. EI-Wakil is designed for courses in power plant technology, Powerplant Engineering, and energy conversion offered in departments of Mechanical Engineering and Nuclear Engineering. It is also suitable as a supplement to courses in energy analysis offered in Mechanical or Nuclear Engineering departments or energy analysis programs. It covers fossil, nuclear and renewable-energy power plants with equal emphasis, giving students a complete and detailed understanding of the entire spectrum of power generation systems.

Salient Features:

  • Includes introductory material that is necessary for the understanding and analysis of most powerplant systems.
  • Focused on the treatment and synthesis of electric-generating Powerplant Technology and engineering, with a balance between analytical and technological aspects of powerplant design, systems, and effects.

Table of Contents:

  1. A Thermodynamics Review
  2. The Rankine Cycle
  3. Fossil Fuel Steam Generators
  4. Fuels And Combustion
  5. Turbines
  6. The Condensate-Feedwater System
  7. The Circulating-Water System
  8. Gas Turbine and Combined Cycles
  9. Principles of Nuclear Energy
  10. Thermal Fission Reactors and Powerplants
  11. Fast Breeder Reactors and Powerplants
  12. Geothermal Energy
  13. Solar Energy
  14. Wind Energy
  15. Energy from the Oceans
  16. Energy Storage
  17. Environmental Aspects of Power Generation



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