Mechatronics An Introduction by Robert H. Bishop

mechatronics an introduction by robert h. bishop

Book Title : Mechatronics, An introduction
Author(s)  : Robert H.Bishop
Publisher   : Taylor & francis
Pages        : 285
Size           : 14 MB

Book Description:
Mechatronics has evolved into a way of life in engineering practice and it pervades virtually every aspect of the modern world. In chapters drawn from the bestselling and now standard engineering reference, The Mechatronics Handbook, this ebook introduces the vibrant field of mechatronics and its key elements: physical system modeling; sensors and actuators; signals and systems; computers and logic systems; and software and data acquisition. These chapters, written by leading academics and practitioners, were carefully selected and organized to provide an accessible, general outline of the subject ideal for non-specialists.

Mechatronics An Introduction book by Robert H. Bishop first defines and organizes the key elements of mechatronics, exploring design approach, system interfacing, instrumentation, control systems, and microprocessor-based controllers and microelectronics. It then surveys physical system modeling, introducing MEMS along with modeling and simulation. Coverage then moves to essential elements of sensors and actuators, including characteristics and fundamentals of time and frequency, followed by control systems and subsystems, computer hardware, logic, system interfaces, communication and computer networking, data acquisition, and computer-based instrumentation systems. Clear explanations and nearly 200 illustrations help bring the subject to life. Providing a broad overview of the fundamental aspects of the field, Mechatronics: An Introduction is an ideal primer for those new to the field, a handy review for those already familiar with the technology, and a friendly introduction for anyone who is curious about Mechatronics.

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  1. Danny

    Mechatronics is one of the leading subject in the circumstances of present world…and Robert H. Bishop made it easy to understand

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    Can you tell me the best college in India. i am very confused.


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