Mechanisms and Mechanical devices sourcebook by Neil Sclater

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Book Title : Mechanisms and Mechanical devices
Author(s)  : Neil Sclater
Publisher   : McGraw-Hill
Edition      : fifth
Pages       : 561
PDF Size  : 28 Mb

Book Description:
Mechanisms and Mechanical devices sourcebook e-book by the author Neil Sclater describes proven mechanisms and mechanical devices. Each illustration represents a design concept that can easily be recycled for use in new or modified mechanical, electromechanical, or mechatronic products. Tutorials on the basics of mechanisms and motion control systems introduce you to those Mechanisms.

Mechanisms and Mechanical Devices Sourcebook, Fifth Edition, contains new chapters on mechanisms for converting renewable energy into electrical power, 3D digital prototyping and simulation, and progress in MEMS and nanotechnology based on carbon nanotubes. This practical guide will get you up to speed on many classical mechanical devices as well as the hot new topics in mechanical engineering.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 – Basics of Mechanisms
Chapter 2 – Motion Control Systems
Chapter 3 – Stationary and Mobile Robots
Chapter 4 – Mechanisms for Renewable Power Generation
Chapter 5 – Linkages: Drives and Mechanisms
Chapter 6 – Gears: Devices, Drives, and Mechanisms
Chapter 7 – CAM, Geneva, and Ratchet Drives and Mechanisms
Chapter 8 – Clutches and Brakes
Chapter 9 – Latching, Fastening, and Clamping Devices and Mechanisms
Chapter 10 – Chain and Belt Devices and Mechanisms
Chapter 11 – Spring and Screw Devices and Mechanisms
Chapter 12 – Shaft Couplings and Connections
Chapter 13 – Motion-Specific Devices, Mechanisms, and Machines
Chapter 14 – Packaging, Conveying, Handling, and Safety Mechanisms and Machines
Chapter 15 – Torque, Speed, Tension, and Limit Control Systems
Chapter 16 – Instruments and Controls: Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Electric, and Electronic
Chapter 17 – 3-D Digital Prototypes and Simulation
Chapter 18 – Rapid Prototyping
Chapter 19 – New Directions in Mechanical Engineering


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