Material science and Engineering An Introduction by William D.Callister

download Material science and Engineering An IntroductionBook Title : Material Science and Engineering An  Introduction
Author(s)  : William D.Callister, David G.Rethwisch
Publisher  : John wiley and Sons Inc
Edition     : Eighth
Pages       : 1000
PDF Size : 32.3 Mb

Book Description:
Callister’s Materials Science And Engineering was originally written by Professor Callister, and has now been adapted into an Indian edition by R. Balasubramaniam. This eBook presents readers with clear explanations of important concepts. It focuses on three main types of materials and composites, namely metals, ceramics, and polymers. It goes on to describe the relationships between structural elements of materials and the properties they possess. The book also covers mechanical behaviour and failure, and provides ways in which performance can be improved. This adapted version of Callister’s Materials Science And Engineering has made updates to the previous topics covered in the book. The contents of this textbook are as per the syllabus of material science and engineering courses in many South Asian universities. The course structure of NITs, IITs, BITS Pilani have been taken into consideration in the sequencing of chapters in the book. Some of them are Imperfections in Solids, Properties of Metals, Polymer Structures, and Electrical Properties. Students who study the concepts in-depth, and are able to solve the questions listed in this book, will excel in this subject. Callister has provided the solutions to the problem sets in order for students to thoroughly understand each topic. Several examples placed throughout the book help in comprehending the application of these theories in the real world. Though this book serves as a textbook in engineering colleges, it can be used as a reference guide by researchers, and practicing engineers.

Table of contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Atomic Structure and Inter atomic Bonding
  3. Fundamentals of Structure of Crystalline Solids
  4. Structures of Crystalline Solids
  5. Imperfections in Solids
  6. Diffusion
  7. Phase Diagrams
  8. Phase Transformations
  9. Mechanical Properties of Metals
  10. Dislocations and Strengthening Mechanisms
  11. Failure
  12. Applications and Properties of Ceramics
  13. Polymer Structures
  14. Characteristics and Applications of Polymers
  15. Composites
  16. Corrosion and Degradation of Materials
  17. Electrical Properties
  18. Magnetic Properties
  19. Thermal Properties
  20. Optical Properties
  21. Materials Selection and Design Considerations
  22. Economic, Environmental and Societal Issues In Materials Science and Engineering
  23. Processing of Engineering Materials



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