Heat Convection by Latif M. Jiji

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Book Title : Heat Convection
Author(s)  : Latif M. Jiji
Publisher   : Springer
Edition      : First
Pages        : 444
PDF Size  : 4.3 Mb

Book Description:
Author’s extensive understanding of how readers think and learn, what they are finding difficult topics to understand and which topics need to be stressed is integrated in this work. Latif M. Jiji employs an organization and methodology derived from his work experience and presents the book in an easy to understand by everyone. Illustrative examples in this book are used to demonstrate the application of principles and the construction of solutions, solutions follow an orderly approach used in all examples, systematic problem-solving methodology emphasizes logical thinking, assumptions, approximations, application of principles and verification of results. Chapter summaries in this heat convection eBook help the students review the chapters in the book.

Table of Contents:

1. Basic concepts
2. Differential formulation of the basic law
3. Exact one-dimensional solution
4. Boundary layer flow: Applications of external flow
5. Approximate solutions: The integral method
6. Heat transfer in channel flow
7. Free convection
8. Correlation equations: Forced and free convection
9. Convection in micro channels
APPENDIX A: Conservation of Energy: The Energy Equation
APPENDIX B: Pohlhausen’s Solution
APPENDIX C: Laminar Boundary Layer Flow over Semi-infinite Plate: Variable Surface Temperature
APEENDIX D: Properties of Dry Air at Atmospheric Pressure
APPENDIX E: Properties of Saturated Water

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