Geometric Modeling by Michael E. Mortenson

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Book Title  : Geometric Modeling
Author(s)  : Michael E. Mortenson
Publisher   : Wiley
Edition    : Second
Pages    : 534
PDF size  : 22.2 MB

Book Description:
Geometric Modeling book by author Michael E. Mortenson gives most recent developments in the field, emphasizes clarity and thoroughness in the scientific development of its subjects. Book is written in a style that is free of jargon of special applications while integrating the three important functions of geometric modeling: to represent simple forms (curves, surfaces, and solids), to shape and assemble these into complex forms, and to determine geometric properties and relationships. With hundreds of illustrations, this ebook appeals to the reader’s visual and intuitive skills in a way that makes it easier to understand its more abstract concepts. Upper-division and graduate students, teachers, and professionals studying, teaching or practicing geometric modeling, 3D modeling, computational geometry, computer graphics applications, animation, Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing and related subjects will find this to be a valuable reference. The eBook describes and compares all the important mathematical methods for modeling curves, surfaces, and solids. This book makes the reader learn more advanced topics, such as 3D modeling, CAD/CAM, animation and scientific visualization; and incorporates references throughout the text to direct the reader to more specialized treatments of the subjects.

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction
2. Curves
3. Hermite Curves
4. Bezier Curves
5. B-Spline Curves
6. Surfaces
7. The Bicubic Hermite surfaces
8. Bezier surfaces
9. B-Spline surfaces
10. Solids
11. Complex model constructions
12. Relational Geometric Synthesis
Appendix A Vectors
Appendix B Matrices
Appendix C Transformations



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