Fundamentals of Engineering Thermodynamics by Michael J.Moran, Howard N. Shapiro

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Book Title : Fundamentals of Engineering Thermodynamics
Author(s)  : Michael J.Moran, Howard N. Shapiro
Publisher   : Wiley
Edition      : Fifth
ISBN-13  : 9780470495902
Pages        : 847
Size           : 75 Mb

Book Description:
Fundamentals of Engineering Thermodynamics leading text in the field maintains its engaging, readable style while presenting a broader range of applications that motivate engineers to learn the core thermodynamics concepts. Two new coauthors help update the material and integrate engaging, new problems. Throughout the chapters, they focus on the relevance of thermodynamics to modern engineering problems. Many relevant engineering based situations are also presented to help engineers model and solve these problems.

Table of Contents:

  • Getting Started: Introductory Concepts and Definitions.
  • Energy and the First Law of Thermodynamics.
  • Evaluating Properties.
  • Control Volume Analysis Using Energy.
  • The Second Law of Thermodynamics.
  • Using Entropy.
  • Exergy Analysis.
  • Vapor Power Systems.
  • Gas Power Systems.
  • Refrigeration and Heat Pump Systems.
  • Thermodynamic Relations.
  • Ideal Gas Mixture and Psychrometric Applications.
  • Reacting Mixtures and Combustion.
  • Chemical and Phase Equilibrium.
  • Appendix Tables, Figures, and Charts.
  • Index to Tables in SI Units.
  • Index to Tables in English Units.
  • Index to Figures and Charts.

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