Fluid Mechanics and Machinery by C.P. Kothandaraman, R.Rudramoorthy

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Book Title : Fluid Mechanics and Machinery
Author(s)  : C.P. Kothandaraman, R. Rudramoorthy
Publisher : New Age International
Edition    : Second
Pages       : 615
Size       : 4 Mb


Book Description:
Fluid Mechanics and Machinery provides the following: Guidance in building of physical and mathematical models. Stress on validation of numerical results by counter checking.

Table of Contents:

  1. Physical Properties of Fluids
  2. Pressure Distribution in Fluids
  3. Forces on Surfaces Immersed in Fluids
  4. Buoyancy Forces and Stability of Floating Bodies
  5. Fluid Flow—Basic Concepts—Hydrodynamics
  6. Bernoulli Equation and Applications
  7. Flow in Closed Conduits (Pipes)
  8. Dimensional Analysis
  9. Similitude and Model Testing
  10. Boundary Layer Theory and Flow Over Surfaces
  11. Flow Measurements
  12. Flow in Open Channels
  13. Dynamics of Fluid Flow
  14. Hydraulic Turbines
  15. Rotodynamic Pumps
  16. Reciprocating Pumps