A First Course in Finite Elements by Jacob Fish and Ted Belytschko

A First Course in Finite Elements by Jacob Fish and Ted BelytschkoBook Title : A First Course in Finite Elements
Author(s)  : Jacob Fish and Ted Belytschko
Publisher   : Wiley
Edition      : Published in 2007
Pages        : 344
PDF Size   : 4 Mb

Book Description:
A First Course in Finite Elements by Jacob Fish and Ted Belytschko eBook presents the finite element method formulated as a general-purpose numerical procedure for solving engineering problems governed by partial differential equations. Focusing on the formulation and application of the finite element method through the integration of finite element theory, code development, and software application, the book is both introductory and self-contained, as well as being a hands on experience for any student.
This authoritative text on Finite Elements: Adopts a generic approach to the subject, and is not application specific In conjunction with a web-based chapter, it integrates code development, theory, and application in one book Provides an accompanying Web site that includes ABACUS Student Edition, Mat lab data and programs, and instructor resources Contains a comprehensive set of homework problems at the end of each chapter Produces a practical, meaningful course for both lecturers, planning a finite element module, and for students using the text in private study.
A First Course in Finite Elements” is the ideal practical introductory course for junior and senior undergraduate students from a variety of science and engineering disciplines. The accompanying advanced topics at the end of each chapter also make it suitable for courses at graduate level, as well as for practitioners who need to attain or refresh their knowledge of finite elements through private study.



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