A First Course in the Finite Analysis Method by Daryl L. Logan

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Book Title : A First Course in the Finite Analysis Method
Author(s)  : Daryl L. Logan
Publisher   : Thomson
Edition      : Fourth
Pages        : 836
PDF Size    : 11.8 Mb

Book Description:
A FIRST COURSE IN THE FINITE ELEMENT METHOD book by author Daryl L. Logan provides a simple, basic approach to the course material that can be understood by both undergraduate and graduate students without the usual prerequisites. The book is written primarily as a basic learning tool for the undergraduate student in civil and mechanical engineering whose main interest is in stress analysis and heat transfer. This ebook is geared towards those who want to apply the finite element method as a tool to solve practical physical problems.

Table of Contents:
1. Introduction
2. Introduction To The Stiffness (Displacement) Method
3. Development Of Truss Equations
4. Development Of Beam Equations
5. Frame And Grid Equations
6. Development Of The Plane Stress And Strain Stiffness Equations 7. Practical Considerations In Modeling: Interpreting Results And Examples Of Plane Stress/Strain Analysis
8. Development Of The Linear-Strain Triangle Equations
9. Axisymmetric Elements
10. Isoparametric Formulation
11. Three-Dimensional Stress Analysis
12. Plate Bending Element
13. Heat Transfer And Mass Transport
14. Fluid Flow In Porous Media And Through Hydraulic Networks
15. Thermal Stress
16. Structural Dynamics And Time-Dependent Heat Transfer
Appendix A: Matrix Algebra
Appendix B: Methods For Solution Of Simultaneous Linear Equations
Appendix C: Equations For Elasticity Theory
Appendix D: Equivalent Nodal Forces
Appendix E: Principle Of Virtual Work
Appendix F: Properties Of Structural Steel And Aluminum Shapes Answers To Selected Problems


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