Cam Design Handbook by Harold A. Rothbart

CAM Design Handbook Harold

Book Title : Cam Design Handbook
Author(s)  : Harold A. Rothbart
Publisher   : McGraw-Hill
Edition      : First
Pages         : 619
Size            : 40 Mb

Book Description:

The cam, used to translate rotary motion into linear motion, is an integral part of many classes of machines, such as printing presses, textile machinery, gear-cutting machines, and screw machines. Emphasizing computer-aided design and manufacturing techniques, as well as sophisticated numerical control methods, Cam Design Handbook by Harold A. Rothbart allows engineers and technicians to utilize cutting edge design tools. It will reduce time spent on the drawing board and increase productivity and machine accuracy.

  • Cam design, manufacture, and dynamics of cams
  • The latest computer-aided design and manufacturing techniques
  • New cam mechanisms including robotic and prosthetic applications

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Basic Curves
Chapter 3. Modified Cam Curves
Chapter 4. Polynomial and Fourier Series Cam Curves
Chapter 5. Cam Motion Synthesis Using Spline Functions
Chapter 6. Elements of Cam Profile Geometry
Chapter 7. Geometry of Planer Cam Profiles
Chapter 8. Cam Mechanism Forces
Chapter 9. Cam Materials and Lubrication
Chapter 10. Cam Manufacturing
Chapter 11. Cam System Modeling
Chapter 12. Cam System Dynamics—Analysis
Chapter 13. Cam System Dynamics—Response
Chapter 14. Special Cam Mechanisms
Chapter 15. Cams in Microelectromechanical Systems
Chapter 16. Automotive Camshaft Dynamics
Appendix A Basic Contours
Appendix B Basic Cam Curve Factors
Appendix C Polynomial Coefficients
Appendix D Cam Computer Software
Appendix E CAD/CAM for a Medical Instrument Cam Mechanism
Appendix F Optinal Control Theory Derivation for Two-Point Boundary
Value Problem

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