Advanced Machining Processes by Hassan Abdel-Gaward El-Hofy

Advanced Machining Process by Hassan Abdel-Gaward El-Hofy book cover

Book Title : Advanced Machining Processes – Nontraditional and Hybrid Machining Processes
Author(s)  : Hassan Abdel-Gaward El-Hofy
Publisher   : McGraw-Hill
Edition      : First
Pages        : 286
Size          : 4 Mb


Book Description:
Advanced Machining Processes: Nontraditional and Hybrid Machining Processes by Hassan Abdel-Gaward El-Hofy book is a good reference for both nontraditional and hybrid machining processes. In this eBook you will find covering the both electrical discharge machining and electro-chemical machining. This eBook also contains detailed information on topics such as advanced machining process work, machining system components, process variables and industrial applications. This eBook is for anyone who is designing, researching or discovering more advance machining process.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Material Removal Processes
Chapter 2: Mechanical Processes
Chapter 3: Chemical Processes
Chapter 4: Electrochemical Processes
Chapter 5: Thermal Processes
Chapter 6: Hybrid Electrochemical Processes
Chapter 7: Hybrid Thermal Processes
Chapter 8: Material Addition Processes


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