Engineering Thermodynamics by Tarik Al-Shemmeri

Engineering Thermodynamics book by Tarik Al-Shemmeri

Book Title : Engineering Thermodynamics

Author(s)  : Tarik Al-Shemmeri
Publisher   : bookboon
Edition      : First
Pages        : 107
ISBN        : 978-87-7681-670-4

Size           : 4 Mb

Book Description:
Engineering Thermodynamics is an essential subject taught to all science and B.Tech and B.E students. Coverage of this subject is restricted to theoretical analysis, student will resort to memorizing the facts in order to pass the examination. Therefore, this book is set out with the the aim to present this subject from an angle of demonstration of how these laws are used in practical situation.
Engineering Thermodynamics book by Tarik Al-Shemmeri is designed for the virtual reader in mind, book is concise and easy to read, yet it presents all the basic laws of thermodynamics in a simplistic and straight forward manner.Table of Contents:
1. General Definitions
1.1 Thermodynamics system
1.2 Thermodynamics Properties
1.3 Quality of the working substance
1.4 Thermodynamics process
2. Thermodynamics Working Fluids
2.1 The Ideal Gas
2.2 Alternative gas equation a change of state
2.3 Thermodynamics processes for gases
2.4 Vander Waals gas equation of state for gases
2.5 Compressibility for gases
2.6 The State diagrams for steam
2.7 Property tables and charts for vapors
3. Laws of Thermodynamics
3.1 Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics
3.2 First law of Thermodynamics
3.3 The Second Law of Thermodynamics
3.4 Third law of Thermodynamics
4. Thermodynamics Tutorial Problems
4.1 First law of thermodynamics N.F.E.E Applications
4.2 First law of thermodynamics S.F.E.E applications
4.3 General thermodynamics systemsDownload from bookboon website

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