Mechanical Engineer’s Reference Book by E.H. Smith

Book Title : Mechanical Engineer’s Reference Book Author(s)  : E.H. Smith Publisher   : Butterworth-Heinemann Edition      : Twelfth Pages       : 1194 PDF Size  : 45 Mb Book Description: Experts from academia and industry have contributed sections on their areas of expertise to provide one of the most comprehensive sources of information for engineers. Among the many subjects… Read More »

Vibrations and Waves by A.P French

Book Title : Vibrations and waves Author(s)  : A.P French Publisher  : W.W Norton company Pages        : 327 Size           : 27.8MB Book Review : The Education Research Center at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (formerly the Science Teaching Center) was established to study the process of instruction, aids thereto, and the learning… Read More »

Mechatronics An Introduction by Robert H. Bishop

Book Title : Mechatronics, An introduction Author(s)  : Robert H.Bishop Publisher   : Taylor & francis Pages        : 285 Size           : 14 MB Book Description: Mechatronics has evolved into a way of life in engineering practice and it pervades virtually every aspect of the modern world. In chapters drawn from the bestselling and now… Read More »

Heat Transfer Calculations by Myer Kutz

Book Title : Heat Transfer Calculations Author(s)  : Myer Kutz Publisher   : McGraw Hill Pages       : 727 Size          : 9.5Mb Book Description: Heat Transfer Calculations by Myer Kutz e-book with easy procedures, calculations, enhancement techniques, formulas and rules of thumb. This convenient book gives you the tools to solve a broad section… Read More »

Parts of a Toilet System

The various parts in toilet system are shown in figure and labelled its parts. Various parts include: Filler valve, Filler float, Overflow tube, Flush valve, Bowl, Siphon Handle, Tank and Rim.   Toilet system should be cleaned every day in order to avoid smell in drainage system. Using clean toilet system keeps our health and life good.

Funny Words on Laboratory Described with Words Theory and Practice

Theory is when you know everything but nothing works. Practice is when everything works but no one knows why. Using theory and practice a student defined definition for laboratory in a very funny manner. In our laboratory, theory and practice are combined: nothing works and nobody knows why.