Welding Manual Haynes Techbook vy Jay Storer and John H Haynes

Welding Manual Haynes Techbook by Jay Storer and John H HaynesBook Title   : Welding Manual Haynes Techbook : basics of Gas, Arc, MIG, TIG and Plasma Welding & Cutting
Author(s)    : Jay Storer and John H Haynes
Publisher    : Haynes Publishing Group
Pages           : 171
PDF Size     : 10 Mb

Book Description:
Welding manual Haynes eBook by Jay Storer and John H Haynes includes over 300 photographs, how to decide welding equipment and has coverage on these types of welding:

  1. Oxy-acetylene welding, heating and cutting
  2. Arc welding
  3. MIG welding
  4. TIG welding
  5. Plasma-arc welding and cutting

Table Of Contents:
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Types of Welding
Chapter 3: Oxy-acetylene gas welding/cutting
Chapter 4: Arc Welding
Chapter 5: MIG welding
Chapter 6: TIG welding
Chapter 7: Plasma cutting/welding
Chapter 8: Safety and shop equipment
Chapter 9: Building a utility trailer