Mechanics of Materials by James M. Gere, Barry J. Goodno

Mechanics of Materials james eBook

Book Title : Mechanics of Materials
Author(s)  : James M. Gere, Barry J. Goodno
Publisher   : Cengage learning
Edition    : Brief edition of 2012
Pages       : 644
PDF Size   : 44 Mb

Review of the book:
Mechanics Of Materials  eBook by James M. Gere, Barry J. Goodno examines the fundamental concepts that underlie many structural and mechanical systems such as strains and stresses, displacements and deformations, and load-carrying capacity. This text is suitable for students who are majoring in mechanical, aeronautical and civil engineering. This eBook will help students to develop problem solving and analytic skills. In this book, the authors have included topics such as bending, torsion, tension, compression and much more. The practice exercises are organized by level of difficulty, with the number of stars indicating the level of complexity. The authors have also included numerous examples which demonstrate the theoretical and practical aspect of the concepts. Mechanics Of Materials is organized into 12 chapters, References, Appendices, Answers to Problems and an Index. At the beginning of each chapter, an overview is presented, which gives students a general introduction to the topic. Each chapter concludes with a summary and a review of the key concepts. These key concepts are also highlighted by colorful photographs. The material in this text can be used to instruct multiple courses.